The secret to getting spotless and dust free baseboards

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The baseboards are just one of the spots that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The entire house can be clean, but if you've forgotten about the baseboards, the room will not look it's best. Baseboards are an area that collects dust and dirt, and you are sure to appreciate these house cleaning tips and tricks to get those baseboards looking good again, and with this house cleaning tip, you will save time and money.

This is an easy clean home tip that will get your baseboards clean, and keep them dust free. The good news is that you may already have what you need for this simple house cleaning tip in the house. The secret house cleaning tip to getting those baseboards clean is by using dryer sheets. To start, if the baseboards are really dirty, then you will want to take the time and scrub them down with some bleach and water. If you prefer to use a natural cleaning solution you can opt for a natural cleaner to get the baseboards clean. It helps to have a clean cloth, a natural cleaning spray and a toothbrush to get the baseboards looking their best. Then once the baseboards are looking clean again, you can go over them with a dryer sheet. If your baseboards are already clean, you can simply use this house cleaning tip and go over them with a dryer sheet. The coating on the dryer sheets will help repel the dust so that every few weeks you should only need to go over them and wipe them down with a duster.

Now the truth is, there are some chemicals in disposable dryer sheets that may help to get rid of static cling and make your clothes smell nicer but aren't exactly healthy. Some people swear by dryer sheets and can't live without them, and with this clean home tip for your baseboards, you'll have just one more reason to use them But if you choose to not use the dryer sheets for laundry at least, you can make DIY dryer sheets that use eco-friendly and safe ingredients. Unfortunately, dryer sheets do contain some chemicals such as benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, ethanol, limonene and chloroform and much more. And these ingredients may cause a handful of health issues in some people. Making your dryer sheets is quite easier. Making your own natural dryer sheets is a great way to freshen and soften clothes, and you probably have most of the ingredients for them already in your cupboards. For DIY dryer sheets, all you need is some white vinegar. It seems everywhere you look that white vinegar is used for DIY ideas and natural clean home tips. Vinegar has a multitude of uses from natural beauty and house cleaning tips and tricks and so much more. If you want to make, your clothes smell fresh and clean try making these DIY dryer sheets. You need some white vinegar, an amber spray bottle, strips of cloth and some essential oils. Then you will have a chemical free and reusable dryer sheet to help freshen up your laundry. The question is will these all natural dryer sheets do the trick on baseboards? It's worth trying to find out, at least you will have a new recipe and house cleaning tip for fresh clothes.

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