This Video SOLVED my Monday Blues

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Kids do the funniest things. In this video, a little girl’s antics in this video SOLVED my Monday blues. Watch this video and see how the music and this little one’s chipper response affect your mood.

Music remains a poorly understood phenomenon with respect to how it can affect how we feel. We can all listen to certain kinds of music and feel a certain response to it. Generally, given similar cultural backgrounds, people will respond the same way to certain types of music. Researchers have begun to explore what areas of the brain are affected when different types of music are played in order to better understand why music is important to us at all. And it is important, as early research seems to suggest. Music may be a form of exercise for the brain, stimulating multiple areas, coordinating their interactivities that result in a particular response we may have to any particular kind of music. The response can be either positive or negative, and stronger or less responsive depending on how our brain reacts.

When we listen to certain tunes, they can cause the release of dopamine, one of the “feel good” chemicals. Dopamine is released when people gamble, eat food or have sex, and so is associated with things that people generally enjoy. Dopamine may be one reason people eat chocolate when they get depressed, for example. It is not really the chocolate people want, but the effect that dopamine brings to the brain once eating chocolate has stimulated the brain’s response. Music may work the same way, but also involves different parts of the brain working in concert to produce a much larger and more impactful response. That’s why music can sometimes bring us to tears, make us want to leap and shout, or bring out other, large responses.

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