Washing windows is a pain! But not if you have secrets from the pros!

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Everyone knows that window cleaning is a pain, but it should get done now and then if you want your windows to shine. The challenge with removing dirt from windows is that the water droplets can dry and stain the windows, especially if there is remaining dirt left on the surface. Luckily, Lesley, the author of Chaotically Creative lifestyle blog, has some instructions that show window cleaning can be easy without the need of employing window cleaning services. Rather than struggling to clean your windows using ineffective methods, Lesley instructs to employ a few household products to get the job done. The most important tool is a squeegee, which will allow you to swipe the dirt and water in one downward motion, eliminating it from the window.

One important ingredient that Lesley uses is Dawn soap, which is something that many may have in their homes already and is an effective cleaning product. This handy window cleaner gets mixed with warm water and is the primary mixture used to remove the grime from the window. Lesley states that dawn dishwashing soap is an ideal choice for this task because it cleans while not leaving any streaks or residue behind. Part of the appeal of Dawn soap is the fact that it includes a strong detergent, which is ideal for removing grease, but is also incredibly gentle and won’t damage what you are cleaning or dry out your hands. While you could use another variety of dish soap, dawn will likely be the best choice because of its ability to combat grease in a way that other dish soaps can’t. Alternatively, you could use a mixture of baking soda, vinegar and water, which has enough foaming action to remove grease stains as well.

Another great cleaning tip that Lesley provides is to use a squeegee to wipe down the windows after you have washed them. Squeegees can be purchased in department stores and help remove all the dirt from a surface without leaving residue behind. Most professional cleaners use a squeegee because it is effective no matter what cleaning product you choose to use. Lesley recommends wiping the squeegee with a cloth after each swipe against the window because that will remove any dirt residue and prevent it from caking onto the window. Even though Dawn dish soap is a star ingredient of Lesley’s window cleaning solution, the squeegee is one of the best cleaning products for windows, and it’s easy to obtain too. Once you have used one to clean all the windows in your house, you will want to use it to clean the windows of your car too.

While you may not want to spend a lot of time shining up your windows, especially if you live in a large home, these steps will make frequent window cleaning much more possible to achieve. As Lesley proves, efficient window washing is down to having the best tools around, and when you have those tools available to you, the project goes by quickly with little effort. In the case of this, the squeegee and dish soap help remove dirt without leaving any dirt or grime behind to cake on the window. Consider employing Lesley’s solutions at least once per season to get shining windows the entire year. As she says in the article on her blog, these steps are ones that were taught her by a cleaning company years before, and she has sworn by them ever since. Thank you to Lesley, the author of Chaotically Creative lifestyle blog, for sharing her instructions for washing windows.

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